Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Democrats of Tax Day! :P

Happy Tax Day, America! Today is the deadline for you to pay taxes. And while paying these taxes what better time to contemplate all the liberals and Democrats who would think you don't pay enough taxes and would like you to pay even more? ^_^

To begin with, let us all pause and be inspired by the example of Charles Geithner, Mr. Obama's Secretary of the Treasury and quite warmly endorsed by Mr. Obama as well. Mr. Geithner doubtless set a sterling example for all of us when he failed to pay his Social Security taxes. Doubtless paying taxes was all too petty for the man who is now in charge of the IRS, right? But as a loyal Obama toady we can be certain that Mr. Geithner is in favor of you paying more taxes. After all, don't you feel that you should pay more taxes to make up for the fact that Mr. Geithner didn't know how? :P

But perhaps the fact that the man to whom you pay your taxes thinks himself too good to pay his own share does not make you happy. Well then, why don't we turn and contemplate some of our beloved liberal Congressmen instead? ^_~

Quoth the Watertown Daily Times: "Others have allowed a sense of entitlement to obscure conscience and judgment. Rep. Charles B. Rangel, D-N.Y., occupied three rent-stabilized apartments in Harlem at below-market rents, failed to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income from a beach house in the Dominican Republic and has had to pay more than $10,000 owed in back taxes. Yet he still chairs the House Ways and Means Committee."

Oh dear! That doesn't sound much better, does it? Especially when you consider the House Ways and Means Commitee is the one responsible for writing our tax laws. ^_^;

Oh well! As a good little Democrat Charles Rangel doubtless feels that the tax laws he writes are all for other people and never himself. And who among the liberals would ever disagree? After all, don't *you* feel that you should pay higher taxes so that Charles Rangel can have beach houses in the Dominican Republic at your expense rather than his own? O_o

As you finish your tax form be sure and think about Charles Rangel and his belief you should pay more taxes. Because that's what Obama's "Change and Hope" is truly all about. After all, if you don't pay your taxes so the liberals don't have to then how would Christopher Dodd be able to afford his little "Irish Cottage"? ^_^

And in talking about the reasons why *you* should pay higher taxes in order to make Democrats happy let us not forget the most important reason of all: President Obama likes pizza and is so stupid that he has to order pizza to be flown by jet from St. Louis because neither he, nor his staff, nor his supporters ever knew that there are also pizza joints in Washington D.C. Hey, America! Don't you feel that you should pay higher taxes so that Mr. Obama can eat pizza at your expense rather than at his own? Mr. Obama clearly thinks so. And who can doubt that when he does this he governs in the style of Rod Blagojevich? :P

Happy Tax Day, America! This is what you get whenever you vote for the Left! ^_~

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Second Titan Departs; Farewell to Dave Arneson! ~_~

We learn from Wired that Dave Arneson, who was Father of RolePlaying along with Gary Gygax, has died. In the creation of D&D he was the one who developed the concept of Hit Points, Levels, Experience points and Dungeon Crawls. Accounts of what he did in his own words may be found here and here
here respectively.

Once again, it is John Kovalic who sums it up best.

Farewell to you, Mr. Arneson. You will be missed. ~_~


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Best.Summation.Of Old Media. Ever! ^_^

Quoth A. Jacksonian: "They tried to put in dedicated delivery concepts, as if we all wanted a piece of paper with a lovely banner on it, when we just wanted the damned information."

Sad but true. Print journalism died from within in the early 1970s when newspapers decided to quit competing with television for giving the news and settled for a parrot-like repeating of what broadcast journalism had already said. Only the advantages of oligopolic conditions among the survivors served to keep them alive, or rather merely undead, this long after that. But now, the decay of the corpse that first found its form, along with an accelerated bias in favor of the Democratic party, during the Clinton years has eaten away the last of print journalism's flesh and has begun to dine upon its bones.

And having done the sort of work for the Democrats that they did I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that they would want their 30 pieces of silver that they hope will forfend their fate. But even if they get it I doubt that this will save them. Money of that sort does little good to those who have sold their soul.

Sucks to be them. But they were the ones who made such choices and those choices are the true reason that they are sinking into a tarpit of their own making. Technology changes the rules but it needn't have ended like this for them if they had chosen honor. >_>

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Democrats of April's Fool! n_n

Given that it's April Fool's Day what better topic could there be to start with than Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats? ^_^

After all, they work so hard year round to provide us with the material for this day, do they not? Or could it be that they merely exercise a natural talent for folly without conscious thought? o_O

But in any event, let us pause on this day of April 1 to remember the moment when 10,000+ Democrats were on hand to watch Mr. Obama blow his nose in public and cheer as though at a great accomplishment. Now the casual reader might be inclined to look at this widely-attested incident and say to himself, "Boy, are *they* an easily pleased lot!", and then blow off all Obama supporters as a gang of unthinking morons. But to do that would be merely to look at the surface and not see below to the wheels within wheels that made this a logical thing. ^^

To begin with, these are liberals we are talking about. Do you really think any of them ever had the technical competence needed to blow their own noses without government assistance? O_o

Now I know that April 1st is traditionally a day of merriment,...But please, let us all observe a grave moment of silence at the plight of the middle-aged Ecofreak who drowned in a pile of his own snot without realizing what was happening even as he spoke on the matter of Glowball Warming and the need for environmental awareness. T_T

And, on this particular April 1st, let us never forget the tragic plight of the Pro-Choicer who snuffled and snurfled it all back until the day her nose exploded. It was her body, her self. ~_~

Mind you, there were always those who were able to hit upon temporary expedients to sustain their own survival, at least for a little time. If you doubt me on this fine April 1st then ask yourself this: When was the last time those who protested either the Iraq War or Globalization ever struck you as anything more than a bunch of mouth breathers? :P

But all the same their problems continued. >_>

An example of this can be seen in the case of the PETA member who accidentally snurfed a hardened piece of mucus into the interior of his skull right through the bone while protesting against genetic research. Rumor has it that he was then expelled from his beloved organization because his brain had now become too large to permit him to remain a member. T_T

This being the case who can be surprised that they cheered Mr. Obama? His technical demonstration of how these things are done has provided the entire Democrat party with valuable knowledge that they had never had before and would never have been able to find out on their own. Can you be surprised that such Democrats would be loyal to him unto this day or would maintain the very same considerable mental quality (Let us not dwell too much upon how it might be considered! u_u) that had marked their lives before that demonstration of his technical prowess? Only thus can their cheers for him in that circumstance be explained. But now that the Gentle Reader knows the rest of the story I'm sure he will find it all understandable. What else can you expect from a party whose symbol is a jackass? ^_~