Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama's First Screwup! :P

And the poor fool hasn't even taken the Oath of office yet. @_@

Isn't it nice to know that we can rely upon our good Jimmy Carter Jr. not to keep track of what he says from moment to moment nor even to realize that what he says or doesn't say might occasionally have a consequence? o_O

Typical Chicago Democrat when you think about it! :P

Reminds me of the end of an old Robert Redford movie called 'The Candidate' where the empty suit who runs for office and gets elected turns to his manager and in essence says, "I got elected. What do we do now?" What else can we expect? Mr. Obama spent all his time as a "community organizer" running for State Senate, all his time as a State Senator running for the United States Senate, all his time as a Senator running for President. Did anyone really think he would suddenly manifest the skills to govern when seeking the job rather than doing the job was the way he spent his entire life? ^O^

Mood Music: 'It's a Little Too Late to do the Right Thing Now!' by Tanya Tucker. :P


Friday, November 07, 2008

Congratulations to the Dummycrats! ^_^

It's not that the voting public is stupid, it's just that they sometimes do stupid things! ^O^

In this case when they voted for the Democrats they clearly forgot the lesson of King Log and King Stork. :P

Not to worry! Jimmy Carter Jr., aka BarracKKK Hussein Obama will be certain to remind them in time just why it is that voting for the Left is always a bad idea and there will be much material for humorists among those of us who laugh at folly in the meantime. ^_~

But let us congratulate Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama for being Selected to become the Occupant of the White House for 2009 to 2013. n_n

Who can doubt that he deserves as much respect as the Left gave to President Bush? o_O

No more and no less! n_n

Who can doubt that in time of crisis he will deserve as much support as the Democrats gave Mr. Bush? O_o

No more and no less! n_n

(And if any Democrat among our Gentle Readers does not like the sound of that, then perhaps he should start thinking of ways he may make amends to President Bush before it is too late. :P)

All the same, congratulations to our Dummycrats. Who can doubt that the pursuit of Hope and Change will have the reward it so richly merits? ^_~

Mood Music: The Gods of the Copybook Headings, by Rudyuard Kipling. ^_^


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just Like Mr. Obama! :P

Frontpage headline from the Friday, August 15, 2008 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times:"City layoffs: Everybody's a target".

The subtext of the Fran Speilman article reads 'Police, firefighters at risk. "It's a crisis," Daley says.PAGE 9'.

Over on page 9 of the same paper the interested reader will encounter such interesting phrases as "But pressure has been mounting for the mayor to come clean about the magnitude of the problem..." and "$420 million gap" and "fund raid". Sounds like pretty serious stuff don't it? o_O

Quick, Boys and Girls! Who's in charge of Chicago and what party does he belong to? O_o

That would be Mayor Daley and he's a Chicago Democrat! n_n

...Just like Barrack Obama! :P

But wait! Perhaps it's not Mr. Daley's fault. He's only been mayor for since 1989 for a mere 19 years! So he's still kinda new to his job, right? Maybe the problem lies in his City Council. After all, we all know the sort of social paralysis know as "gridlock" that can erupt when legislature and executive are of opposing parties, right? ^-^

So what party does the majority of the Chicago City Council belong to? o_O

Well, as it turns out these themselves are Chicago Democrats by an overwhelming majority! Any Republicans on that Council would almost be purely there as a decoration and would doubtless be dying of loneliness in a sea of Democrats. Otherwise, they are Chicago Democrats one and all! n_n

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

So clearly Mayor Daley does not have an obstructive City Council as his excuse for the incompetent management that put his city in such dire straits. Indeed, it would be rather hard to do so since the Aldermen of Chicago are nothing more than trained poodles who perform for his amusement. ^o^

But wait! Surely I am unjust in blaming Chicago's financial straits upon one party and one party alone, right? What of Mr. Daley's predecessors and the party *they* belonged to? Surely they must bear a part of the blame for the problems Chicago is now experiencing! After all, good men do struggle against hard constraints when they have to clean up the mess that incompetent boobs have left behind, right? >_>

So perhaps Mayor Daley can excuse his party by blaming this mess on the people who held office before him from 1933 to the present day, especially in the 1950s through the early 1980s, and blame the party *they* belong to for the problems he has now inherited. @_@

So what party did Mayors Kennelly, Richard J. Daley, Michael Bilandic, Jane Byrne, Harold Washington and Gene Sawyer all belong to? o_O

Does the fact that it's a Republican who is cheerfully pointing these things out provide a helpful hint? ^_~

That's right! They were *all* Chicago Democrats! ^.^

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

In fact, Chicago has been a Democrat town (though hardly democratic!) from the time of "Tough Tony" Cermak in the 1930s unto the present day.

So maybe Mr. Daley can shift blame for this from the Chicago Democrats by blaming it all on the Chicago Democrats! ^O^

Then again? Maybe NOT! ^_~

But's it worth remembering that they were Chicago Democrats one and all.

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

But wait! Could it be that I'm *unfair* to imply that the administrative skills of Chicago Democrats are completely lacking? Could it be that I am unjust when I don't come right out and say it but strongly imply that Chicago Democrats are a bunch of greedy and incompetent boobs who wouldn't be able to count to 20 unless they took off both their shoes? O_O

Maybe Mayor Daley and the goons he has with him on his City Council are merely a collection of bad specimens? o_O


In an effort to disprove the hypothesis that Chicago Democrats such as Barrack Obama tend to be incompentant executives let us turn our attention to Chicago Democrat Todd Stroger and the doubtless superlative way in which he has run Cook County. After all, Mr. Obama endorsed Mr. Stroger when Mr. Stroger was first running for Cook County Board President so we may safely assume that his is the executive style Mr. Obama would seek to emulate were Mr. Obama ever to become President of the United States. So surely we may expect the administration of such a man whom an aspiring presidential candidate would endorse not merely within the county election itself but *within the party primary itself over all other Democrats as well* to be a superlative one indeed, right? o_O

Maybe NOT! :P

From The Chicagoist we read...

"Todd Stroger's Cousin Gets a Raise

Yesterday's Sun Times headline was all about the 12 percent pay hike Donna Dunnings - Todd Stroger's cousin and just one of many beneficiaries of Cook County's Friends and Family Plan - got out of the new 2008 county budget. When Stroger hired Dunnings, they both bragged that her salary would be far less than the previous CFO."

Oh dear, that doesn't sound too good, does it? But how can this be? Mr. Stroger is a Democrat and an avowed reformer.

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

But of course, it does get worse!

From the Chicago Tribune, we read...

"Judge fines Cook County Jail in lawsuit addressing living conditions
By Hal Dardick | Chicago Tribune reporter
8:43 PM CDT, August 22, 2008
Citing the failure to comply with court orders at Cook County Jail, a federal judge for the first time in nearly two decades imposed $1,000-a-day fines Friday in a class-action lawsuit addressing jail conditions and overcrowding."

Hmmm! That doesn't look too good either, does it? Is it good that a man who was endorsed by Barrack Obama would get into situations of this sort? If Chicago Democrats were competent executives would a situation like this arise in the first place? But perhaps I'm being unjust. So let us continue our examination...

From the Blogger News Network, we read:

"Cook County Hiring Practices Under Federal Investigation

...Although the FBI’s investigation began late last year, it first reached the public’s view just yesterday when agents stormed the human resource’s building (where hiring and personnel records are kept) wielding court ordered search warrants and subpoenas...Cook County has been in non-compliance with the court order known as the Shakman decree for three decades....Federal authorities believe Mayor Richard Daley’s administration found new ways to circumvent the decree. Daley’s patronage chief, Robert Sorich, and three other former city officials have already been convicted of fraud and other crimes in their efforts to circumvent the Shakman decree. Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his administration’s hiring practices are also under investigation."

But how can this be? All 3 gentlemen, after all, are Democrats one and all and gained their knowledge of executive practice in the city of Chicago. >_>

And let us note that, as with Chicago, Cook County has been blessed with the uninterupted rule of the Democrat Party from 1933 unto the present day! Democrats one and all.

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

But perhaps I am unfair in judging the executive performance of Chicago Democrats like Mr. Obama by the performance of the dweeb Democrats who operate at the city and county level? After all, that's pretty much the minor leagues to most international minded liberals, right? ^-^

So wouldn't we do better to judge the performance of the Chicago Democrats by that of their *real* pro? A man who as governor of Illinois is so confident of his execuitve prowess that he doesn't even reside in the state capital but sorta phones his job in from where he lives in Chicago? o_O

Who can deny that true fairness resides in judging any possible Presidency of our good Mr. Obama by the performance of Rod Blagojevich? ^_^

So let's review a bit of *his* performance as well. ^_~

To begin with, it is notable that, as with Mr. Daley and Mr. Stroger, Mr. Blagojevich is a man with a number of self-inflicted Budget woes.

But in fairness to Mr. Blagojevich a good portion of his budget woes stems from the lack of cooperation he gets from the majority party within the Illinois state legislature. It is safe to say that the members of this party majority are a collection of selfish twits who care for nothing save their own perogatives(?) and egoboo and would gladly see all the State of Illinois go smash rather than put either in jeopardy. Kinda a shame the Governor couldn't have people of his own party to work with instead, ain't it? T_T

O wait! These selfish twits *are* of his party! Mike Madigan and the other twits in question are Democrats one and all. Just like Mr. Blagojevich himself. And just like Barrack Obama! :P

Yet, in the spirit of charity let us note that this one may the fault of either man. The way Nancy Pelosi's incompetant and corupt Democrats can do nothing in our Federal Congress and the way these Democrats could not work well with their own fellow Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter counts as a hint that all Democrats within America who get elected to a legislative post are too pompous and corrupt to be able to play nice with *anyone* and that all Democrats within America who get elected to an executive post are incompetent boobs without a backbone because both varieties are more concerned with the skills and techniques by which one may acquire an office instead of the skills and techniques that would allow one to discharge one's responsibilities competently. It's not their fault. It's inherent in the fact that they are Democrats.

So we must conclude that the fact Mr. Blagojevich and Mr. Madigan are incapable of working together in spite of the fact that both are of the same party may be traced to the fact that this is inherent in the Left and merely shows that both are typical Illinois Democrats...

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

But surely we can take consolation in the fact that Mr. Blagojevich surrounded himself with men of honor? Perhaps *not*. O_O

Quoth the Chicago Tribune of Febuary 26, 2008: "Laying to rest the latest parlor game of Illinois politics, a federal judge on Monday made it crystal clear that "A" stands for Rod Blagojevich in the public corruption case against the governor's indicted fundraiser, Antoin "Tony" Rezko.

A ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Amy St. Eve dispensed with an array of pseudonyms that had cloaked the identities of several people who allegedly benefited from Rezko's financial schemes, including Blagojevich. He had previously been referred to in court documents only as Public Official A."

Hmmmm! Involved with someone like Tony Rezko, eh?

Kinda makes our good governor a lot like Barrack Obama! :P

But, of course, our good liberal friends would argue that this was in Febuary and that a lot can change since then. And of course they are right. So let's take a look at how things have unfolded since then, shall we? ^_~

'FBI agents say they have enough to indict Rod Blagojevich'.

Oh my, with a headline like that you just *know* there has to be an interesting story for us to learn, don't you? O_O

But how can this be? Isn't Mr. Blagojevich of the same party and state as our good Barack "Change We Can Believe In" Obama? Do they not share a common ideology and indeed have a mutual friend in Mr. Tony Rezko? So how could Mr. Blagojevich have ever done anything wrong?

And yet...

Just as the old Mr. Fox tale would put it, it looks like it was so and is so and here is the link to show it. ^_^

Just the kind of executive we need in the White House, ain't it? After all, Mr. Blagojevich is a Chicago Democrat doing the sort of things we can expect Chicago Democrats to do.

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

So let's review! ^_^

Richard J. Daley is a Chicago Democrat backed by a Democratic City Council in a town that has been pure Democrat for more than 70 years and has been an incompetant executive that has presided over the ruin of his own community. Todd Stroger is a Chicago Democrat who has succeeded a Chicago Democrat and is back by a County Board controlled by Chicago Democrats who has been an incompetant executive that has presided over the ruin of his own community. And Rod Blagojevich is a Chicago Democrat who has been an incompetant executive who has presided over the ruin of his own community.

They are Chicago Democrats one and all. Generic liberals who could be traded back and forth between their offices with no discernable difference in outcome. <_<

Just like Barrack Obama! :P

Therefore, the Gentle Reader is invited to consider this particular post an exercise in Pattern Recognition and a reason to vote for Mr. McCain and his fellow Republicans when Election Day rolls around.

Because you wouldn't want America to go the way of Chicago, Cook County and Illinois, would you? ^_~