Monday, October 01, 2007

Ha! Why Am I Not Surprised? :p

Kender found an interesting musing over at Daily Kos. Those who wish to read what the little Kos Kiddie said in all its subliterate glory are welcome to check out Jammiewearingfool for the link. ^_^

Actually, we probably shouldn't be *too* scornful. I've often felt that the true divide between many of those "anti war" types who were more or less sincere, rather than those Marxist pigs who were merely agitating on behalf of Saddam in the hopes that by doing so they might make the world safe for their particular brand of terrorism, was that they (Both as a group and as individuals) were too prone to despair to think with a clear mind. The fact that one of them might be beginning to recognize this counts as hope that the Left may someday once again become sane. ^_~

That said, I wonder how many leftists would still be leftists if Prozac were an over the counter drug? @_@