Sunday, April 05, 2009

Best.Summation.Of Old Media. Ever! ^_^

Quoth A. Jacksonian: "They tried to put in dedicated delivery concepts, as if we all wanted a piece of paper with a lovely banner on it, when we just wanted the damned information."

Sad but true. Print journalism died from within in the early 1970s when newspapers decided to quit competing with television for giving the news and settled for a parrot-like repeating of what broadcast journalism had already said. Only the advantages of oligopolic conditions among the survivors served to keep them alive, or rather merely undead, this long after that. But now, the decay of the corpse that first found its form, along with an accelerated bias in favor of the Democratic party, during the Clinton years has eaten away the last of print journalism's flesh and has begun to dine upon its bones.

And having done the sort of work for the Democrats that they did I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that they would want their 30 pieces of silver that they hope will forfend their fate. But even if they get it I doubt that this will save them. Money of that sort does little good to those who have sold their soul.

Sucks to be them. But they were the ones who made such choices and those choices are the true reason that they are sinking into a tarpit of their own making. Technology changes the rules but it needn't have ended like this for them if they had chosen honor. >_>

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