Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Russian and the Snake.

This would go a long way towards explaining why it is that Russia feels free to play footsie with Iran without expecting blowback. @_@

Such expectations may not be prudent on Mr. Putin's part. Aesop shows us that serpents will be serpents and all terrorists are serpents by their very nature.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Most Amusing News of the Month! ^_^

Not surprising, mind you, but *definitely* amusing. ^-^

'The FBI has found, for example, that its Arab translators become even more hostile to Islamic radicalism after listening to hours of people spewing their ethnic and religious hatred in wiretapped conversations.'

Thucydides wrotes several times of the Spartans that they had been "the most convenient of foes." I am coming to the happy conclusion that the same can be said of the jihadis as well. ^_~


Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm in trouble, aren't I? ^o^

Via Tim Blair's blog we learn an interesting bit of sharia.

Looks like a good time to explain the use of Anime emoticons for those who don't already know them, don'tcha think? n_n

So, with that in mind...

^_^ = smile. The traditional ":)" would be it's American counterpart.

n_n = a beaming smile with closed eyes. If you've ever seen a cute kid in anime when he's happy then you'll have no problem understanding this.

^-^ = a cute smile.

^.^ = Feminine smile.

^^ = Tiny smile or neutral expression.

^____^ = *Big* smile.

>_< = a wince. Often used to convey frustration or pain.

T_T = Crying. Check out Soun Tendo when he's turning on the waterworks in Ranma 1/2 and you'll understand where this one came from. Usually used to indicate jocular sadness.

~_~ = Downcast eyes to indicate sadness. Tends to be used to indicate genuine sadness.

^_^; = sweatdrop. It can reflect either nervousness or excitement in the animes but usually nervousness when used in the message boards or blogs.

@_@ = spiral eyes. It can represent either dizziness or deep thought.

^o^ or ^O^ both = laughter. ^_~ = wink.

u_u = Rolled eyes.

:P = sticking out of tongue either at the person you're talking to or more often at fate. This one is borrowed from the more standard emoticons.

<_< = Eyes right.
>_> = Eyes left.

Both shifts of eyes imply a certain amount of watchfulness and desire for caution either from furtiveness or paranoia. >_>

o_O = raised left eyebrow.
O_o = raised right eyebrow.

Either might be legitimately used in any situation where you would raise an eyebrow. ^^

O_O = Total surprise or shock!

*^_^* = Blush.

If I learn or remember anymore to add I'll be sure to edit this post to add them in. But now as otakku let's go forth and show the Shariasts as much reverance as their little bluenose doctrine truly deserves by using the anime emoticons anywhere and anywhen we get the chance! ^_~

Edit: Have now added "~_~" and "*^_^*". Can't believe I forgot them. *^_^* (2/26/2007)


A Very Liberal Degree of Truth in Advertising...

Well, John Murtha has now gone on record as wanting to play politics with America's safety! :P

Doubtless he and his fellow Democrats will campaign in 2008 under the slogan of "Vote for the Democrats because we libs will always undermine national security!"? o_O

Now there's a slogan for the Left to be proud of! ^_~

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