Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Karma for Syria! ^o^

It looks as though Syria may be getting its comeuppance for the contributions it made towards the destabilization of Iraq. :P

Strategy Page: "...But that's not the only problem in Syria. In 2003, Syria was quick to provide sanctuary for Iraqi officials fleeing war crimes prosecution for Saddam era misdeeds. At first, it was only the wealthy government officials. But in the last year, thousands of low level operatives, and many more Sunni Arabs fleeing growing Shia anger against all Sunnis because of terror attacks, have crowded into Syria. There are now over a million of these Iraqi refugees in Syria. Most of these Iraqis are poor, and Syria has not got the resources to deal with the problem. So, just like hordes of Palestinian refugees eventually destabilized Lebanon and triggered a long civil war, Syria fears the same fate. To the average Syrian, the problems on the ground are far more threatening than Israeli F-15s overhead."

I wonder if the Baathists of Syria will appreciate the irony? ^-^

Sucks to be a patron of terrorists, don't it? ^_~