Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? @_@

Quoth SCC: 'Aldercreatures are our sometimes elected City Council. There are 50 of them for some reason and their conviction rate averages around one-a-year - we don't know how New York City gets along with only half that many with three times Chicago's population. Must be something in the water.'

A more accurate description of them than that would be very hard to find. ^_^

Quoth Glenn Reynolds: 'Environmentalists, like feminists, are just another arm of the Democratic establishment: “running dogs” to be loosed or reined in as politics require. It is thus unnecessary to pay attention to what they say, since it’s just politics anyway.'

True enough. If you allow your poltical party or faction to do your thinking for you and dictate what you may read, think and say - as pretty much all leftists have done since the time of Karl Marx - then you have allowed them to turn you into a trained parrot. And once you have allowed your party to turn you into a parrot then why should you be regarded as anything more than a trained performing animal rather than as a human being? o_O

Sucks to be either a feminist or an environmentalist but they did this to themselves! :P

Also from Glenn Reynolds: 'I guess the lesson is, if you want scrutiny of Executive Branch actions, vote Republican. . . .'

That does tend to be the logical consequence of Old Media having made themselves the lapdogs of the Democrat Party, doesn't it? I wonder if they themselves would ever be bright enough to appreciate the irony? ^o^

And, before we continue on to others, yet another from Glenn Reynolds: 'Personally, I believe that “fairness” consists in the fruits of my labor not being taken by corrupt hacks to redistribute to their cronies in exchange for votes.'

But, sadly enough, the patronage hounds and wardheelers who favor high taxes would seem to disagree. I wonder why that might be? :P

Quoth A. Jacksonian: 'Engineering is the Dirty Little Secret of getting energy.'

The fact that the Left is hostile to this basic truth is the reason that people like Mr. Obama and all his little toadies will never fit for office.

Quoth Claire Berlinski: 'The danger that Stroilov and Bukovsky faced was real and grave; they both assumed, one imagines, that the world would take notice of what they had risked so much to acquire.'

I suppose one does not have to be a ninja to know that the truly hidden is sometimes that which is within plain sight. >_>

Quoth Paul Mirengoff: '...Thus, NASA's primary mission is no longer to enhance American science and engineering or to explore space, but to boost the self-esteem of "predominantly Muslim nations.'

Given that any form of leftism seems to eventually require its adherents to become a bunch of technophobes should we really be surprised by this? o_O

Mr. Obama and his fellow Dummycrats have clearly forgotten the Dirty Little Secret of Energy that AJacksonian pointed out to us before and in doing so have quite firmly made themselves the citizens of Cloud Cuckoo Land! ~_~

Quoth Francis Turner:'The death of the traditional print business model was merely hastened by Amazon. The seeds of its destruction had already been laid by the earlier adoption of the grocery business model, however Amazon helped speed up the death spiral. Not that this is going to help Amazon much in the longer term. The problem for Amazon is that while the web helped them take sales from existing bricks and mortar stores because of larger inventory and lower prices, their success is gradually killing these stores. If (when?) the bricks and mortar stores go away then so does the casual reader base that buys bestsellers and takes an occasional chance at something else when browsing in an airport bookstore. These folks are the ones whose purchases support publishers and thus, eventually, the industry as a whole. Hence Amazon's gain at the expense of the bookstores looks like it could be rather temporary. Unless of course we can replace that casual treeware reader base with a casual electronic reader base....'

He's right. I've seen the same thing happen, albeit from different causes, in various hobbies when they cease to be newbie-friendly. It's not an accident that a trip to certain SF Cons can feel like a visit to a geriatric ward. And reading for the sake of pleasure is very definitely a hobby, albeit an important one!

Quoth Wretchard: 'A lot of Democrats who are now staring political death in the face may now be asking themselves what has changed since they were re-elected last. Who brought this pox upon their houses? The right answer would be the political and economic environment. But the obvious answer would be Barack Obama. He’s the obvious patsy. He’s what changed since last. As the President’s unpopularity bears down on his supporters like the albatross around the Ancient Mariner, the temptation to survive at his expense may easily infect a group of people who were opportunists to begin with.'

Actually, I suspect this may be a case where the rats aren't bright enough to desert the sinking ship. Because where are they going to go? They used their ideology to stifle their conscience and whatever very slim chance of political survival the Left still has depends on them hanging together in case things can somehow still be worked out. If I am correct then it's only when the election is over, and they find themselves out in the cold and truly hated by all, that the Left will then turn upon Mr. Obama and one another. But when they do so it will be in the manner of piranas and not a pretty sight at all. Any bets on the forms that it will take? ^_~

That said, expect more and more dirty tricks and cheating from the Democrats this year as their desperation begins to mounts. It's been the only thing they've had left for decades now and the more that the American voters have seen through them the more desperately they've continued to need it. I wonder if any of them could still operate in any other way or even imagine doing so? o_O

Quoth Dr. Jerry Pournelle: 'I did find it interesting that they kept counting until Franken won. And I make no doubt that will happen this November as well. It's always best to have a decisive win. Recounts generally go to the party employing the recounters.'

Worth remembering the next time any Democrat wants a recount, isn't it? :P

Just as it's worth remembering that the Democrats tried to use this trick to steal the 2000 election when Mr. George W. Bush legitimately defeated Mr. Al Gore. Remember what I said about dirty tricks being the only thing the Democrats have left? And even such tricks are nothing more than a double edged weapon with poison for them. Each time the liberals use it for a short term gain they lose a bit more of the public's respect, a bit more of their own supporters, and a bit more of their own ability to do things in any other way. Such things have postponed their collapse but only makes things worse for them on the day that collapse comes. I wonder how long it will be before we see their party go the way of the Federalists and Whigs? O_o

Quoth Tom Smith (The Right Coast blogger, not the filker!): 'I remember reading stories of women who got themselves sterilized because of the population explosion. Fewer dumb genes in the gene pool you may say, but it's not as if they can sue Paul Erlichman.'

It wasn't just the women either. I remember hearing about a lot of men who got vasectomies on the same account. Hardly the first time that people messed themselves over or were messed over because of the more wacky environmentalist beliefs when you think it. Nor will it be the last. If you doubt me then consider how many people may be messing up their lives or the lives of others here and now because they honestly think "Global Warming" something more than a scam that has been somewhat anti-science. For that matter, ask yourself where the 20 million children
who have died from Malaria because of Rachel Carson and her disciples go to get their lives back either? Especially when it's quite likely that these deaths continue at the rate of 800,000 per year? >_<

Something to think on the next time an environmentalist trys to sound a bogus alarm, no? But it's not as though anyone who is of the Left will ever be any good at taking responsibility for what they do, now is it? :P

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