Friday, April 27, 2007


This counts as good news in the War Against Terror! ^_^

It's worth remembering that we wouldn't be scoring successes against Al Qaeda in Iraq if we weren't in Iraq to begin with.


Jihadi = Transvestite? o_O

It would appear that the jihadis are all becoming a bunch of crossdressers and dressing up like girls. :P

"April 4, 2007: The army is recruiting women for counter-terrorism duty in the south. This is because the largely Moslem population tolerates terrorists disguising themselves in womens Islamic clothing (a burqa, which covers everything). Female soldiers can check burqa to make sure there's a woman inside."

One wonders if the reason male jihadis become jihadis is that because of doing so they hope to find a husband. Any bets as to how long it'll be before the male jihadis take to wearing lipstick and pantyhose as well? ^_~


Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Power of Global Warming Revealed!

BTW, at this rate should we start a betting pool as to how long it will be before we start reading headlines like "Global Warming Rally Canceled Because of Snow"? o_O

Just a thought! ^-^


A Study in Unintended Consequences. ^_^

In honor of Earth Day let us note that Kyoto has had the effect of making air pollution worse than it might have been by exporting the use of energy to those nations that use dirtier methods.

One possibility that deserves to be considered is that Environmentalists themselves are the worst threats to the environment that anyone will ever have. ^_~