Saturday, June 30, 2007

Columbo Goes to War! ^^

It appears that one of the more potent weapons in the War Against Terrorism is old-fashioned police techniques in the cultivation of the stool pigeon and the jihadi pigs are hapless against it. ^_^

Sucks to be a terrorist! ^_~


Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am Become a Trouble unto the Counsels of the Small and the Foolish? ^O^

Back in my college days there was a joke around our gaming circles that had its origin in Tolkien: In "The Fellowship of the Ring" Elrond had wondered aloud "Who among us would have thought the day would come when hobbits would arise to trouble the Counsels of the Wise and the Mighty?". So in certain high level campaigns it became the fashion to call those who had become 10th to 15th level, the first set of levels at which it was deemed you could really have an effect on the world, "Strong enough to trouble the counsels of the Small and the Foolish". To judge by the events of today it would seem that I have reached that threshold of power today! :P

Somewhere around 4 PM to my best guess, My entire email inbox and drafts had been deleted. Since *all* unopened messages were gone I thought at first there had been a glitch in the yahoo system...Then I noticed that by happy coincidence all the messages in the folders labeled "Rough Drafts", "Posts not posted", "Old Blog Articles", and "Civics" had been deleted whether they had been opened or not. @_@

Hmmmmm! >_>

Not hard to guess what had happened at this point, is it? :P

The Left, it would seem, actually fears me. Enough to want my silence. >_>

Interesting, ne? o_O

Very interesting, say I! O_o

On one level this is a nuisance, but on the other? o_O

This is validation and proof that my blog matters! ^_^

After all, in all political life there are two measures of success as the Greek poets noted when they concerned themselves with being a boon to their friends and a trouble to their foes. The first measure of course is the praise and admiration of one's friends and allies. But the other measure is the howls of rage and dismay one attracts from one's foes and rivals. The former is of the greatest comfort and always desired but because one's friends and allies will always try to be kind and tactful (Because hey!, they're one's friends and allies!), it is the venom of one's foes that is the most *accurate* measure one can receive and therefore the highest praise. ^o^

And today,some poor fool of a Leftist twit has praised me very highly indeed! ^____^

So as I continue to trouble the Counsels of the Small and the Silly in the future pay careful attention to what is written here for they are things that you need to know. The Small and the Silly among the Left clearly think so! ^.^

After all, would they try to keep you from reading my words were it otherwise? ^_~