Monday, May 14, 2012

A New Opportunity to Kill Zombies? o_O

Have you ever wondered how well you'd fight back in a zombie invasion? It looks as though there's a new game in the works that would give you your chance to find out.

"Survive is a hybrid FPS/RPG game, where the main objective pretty simple: you have to survive. The game focuses on cooperating between the players, while you collect supplies, find and fortify your safe houses, collects and crafts weapons. The game itself takes place in a random-generated city, heavily infested with zombies.

The most important aspect is the teamwork – nobody has any chance on their own. You have to watch out for each other as you move around the city, looking for food, drinks, building and crafting materials."

If you're interested in learning more about the game then [Link removed for being obsolete. 6-9-2015].

Let's hope they succeed in their funding drive. The world definitely needs a chance to kill more zombies! ^_~


Update: Removed the link in question as it's been several years since May 14, 2012 and I feel that any crowd sourcing my friend was attempting has since been done or not done as the case might be! ^_~