Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Now You Know Why Their Symbol is a Mule! :P

Quoth Glenn Reynolds on the Democrat Congresscritters and their latest screwup: 'Is it too much to ask that they read and understand legislation before they vote on it?'.

My own thought on the matter: 'But wouldn't that be like expecting liberals to know how to read and write in the first place?' @_@

Of course, there is a secondary question here: Perhaps an even better symbol for the "anti war" Democrats in Congress such as Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and John Kerry than the mule would be that of a fish? o_O

Just a thought! ^_^

Mood music: 'Would You Like to Swing on a Star?',
by Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Islam Worships Disease? O_O

OK, this counts as weird. @_@

It looks as though the jihadi Moslem clerics of Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan are deliberately setting things up so that members of their own congregations suffer and die from polio.

From Strategy Page, we read:

"August 4, 2007: Radical Islam continues to kill people in places you never hear of.Islamic clerics in Pakistan and Nigeria continue to push the idea that vaccinations for diseases are a Western plot to poison Moslem children. This particular fantasy has been rattling around for nearly a decade, and has prevented the UN from wiping out polio. Like small pox (which was wiped out in the 1970s), once there are no people with polio, the disease is gone for good (it can only survive in a human host). The Islamic clerics urging parents not to vaccinate their children against polio, are providing the disease with hosts, and keeping it going. Last year, 24,000 children were not vaccinated in northern Pakistan because of this paranoid fantasy.

In Afghanistan, it was even worse, with 125,000 children denied vaccination by Taliban terrorists (who also attack the vaccination teams) As a result, at least 40 cases of polio were confirmed last year in Pakistan, and eleven so far this year. In Afghanistan, there were 31 cases last year, and 19 so far this year. Nigeria had 1,124 cases last year, and 562 cases so far this year.

When confronted by angry parents, the clerics say that it's "God's will" that the kid is dead or crippled from polio."

(Emphasis mine!).

Kinda shows what Shariast clerics think of their own fellow Moslems, don't it? o_O

I can't help but feel that this would indicate that both the jihadis who propagate this myth and the members of the Taliban who act as they do are actually secret worshippers of Malia. :P

Certainly were such to turn out to be the case, much would be explained about why the jihadis support Sharia in the first place. ^_~


Friday, August 03, 2007

Sane Democrats vs. Loony Democrats! ^_^

Or should I define it as a battle between Democrats and Dhimmicrats? :P

News that the surge in Iraq is proving successful now has the Democratic Congresscritters being divided into those who want to support the Iraq war now that it is clearly working out well for America versus those who wish America to be a loser for the sake of their political ambitions.

Given that according to Zogby94% of the Democratic voters disaprove of the way the Democratic Congresscritters are mishandling the war in Iraq, let's hope that the former clean the clocks of the latter. It really would be nice to have 2 pro-America parties again instead of just one! ^_~

(Via Instapundit).

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