Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Very *Liberal* of Mr. Trudeau! :P

There's a bit of an amusing rantage on the part of cartoonist Garry Trudeau in one of his recent Doonesbury strip as displayed in the Sunday funnies of the July 6, 2008 Chicago Tribune. In it he has a fictional Republican proclaim that "By mandating strict ID requirements, we can disenfranchise the poor, the infirm, students, minorities...". Left out of all this fun frothing at the mouth on our good Mr. Trudeau's part though was any notion of just how any of these people were going to be disenfranchised or even so much as inconvenienced by the strict use of photo id to in order to prevent cheating of the sort that was never unknown in Chicago and is not unknown in our day either. @_@

For example, just how are students going to be disenfranchised by this? I remember strict use of student IDs in both my high school and my college. Didn't seem to slow any of us down. I don't recall us having that much trouble with Drivers licences that had photos either. Alas, Garry Trudeau's strawman character can't explain! Presumably Mr. Trudeau feels students aren't bright enough to handle things that require literacy? Says a lot about Mr. Trudeau's own academic career if he believes that one! ^_~

Also unexplained is just how Mr. Trudeau thinks the use of photo ID on voter's cards would disenfranchise the infirm. Let's see, our hypothetical cripple would somehow bravely stuggle through howling winds (Barefoot and uphill *both ways*, of course!) bravely bearing a Voter's ID without a photo in order to collapse at the election judge's table to cast a ballot with his dying breath, but the addition of his own photo to his voter's card would cause him to expire before he even leaves his home? o_O Wow! That's some fevered imagination Mr. Trudeau has going there but somehow I doubt this scenario is very plausible either! ^O^

Then there's the question of how this would hinder the poor. Is Mr. Trudeau arguing that poor people aren't bright enough to handle photo IDs in defiance of the fact that many of them do indeed drive, or is he merely arguing that having their photo taken at state expense would somehow make them all homeless? O_o

Y'know, I have a hard time believing that one as well. And I can't help but feel it's a bit snobbish on Mr. Trudeau's part to assume that only people with money have enough brains to understand a photo ID. Perhaps this is a sign that Mr. Trudeau has joined Mr. Obama in overdosing on Arigula? >_>

That leaves "minorities". Without the "minorities" in question being specified. One wonders just how our good Mr. Trudeau thinks this will work. Does he believe each voter ID with a photo will broadcast a signal to the Orbiting Mind Control Satellites in the sky, and that they will then beam down a telepathic laser saying "You will not vote! You will not vote!" with the hapless voter then developing a glazed look in his eye starting to repeat in a monotone voice, "I will not vote! I will not vote!"? Doubtless, if so then Mr. Trudeau himself has hopefully been careful to wear some tinfoil in his hat. ^_^;

Fnord! ^_^

Sorry, Mr. Trudeau! I hate to spoil a perfectly good conspiracy theory for you but if we e-e-e-evil Republicans had access to that sort of tech then what people zapped with such a thing would actually be saying would be more along the lines of "Towering Barbarian deserves a billion dollars and a harem of 20 cute chicks! Towering Barbarian deserves a billion dollars and a harem of 20 cute chicks!". After all, one must always make certain to keep priorities in mind. ^_~

Unfortunately, I doubt Mr. Trudeau was so fanciful. More likely, it was a matter of Mr. Trudeau picturing his hypothetical "Minority" sitting in the same room as a student, a cripple, and a poor person as all of them drooled down the side of their mouth while saying, "Duh! I'm too dumb to use a photo ID therefore I can't vote. Duhhhh!". All in unison of course, because liberals and leftists are *very* big on "solidarity". u_u

So in other words, in the mind of Garry Trudeau no one has the brains to use a photo ID unless they are wealthy, middleaged, whites? O_O

I guess you can't get more Liberal than that! :P

Good thing for the rest of us that he's completely wrong, isn't it? ^_~


Edit(July 11, 2008): Feh! Nothing like evil typos to mar a perfectly good title is there? ^_^;

Let us note that Mr. Trudeau has now had his name corrected from "Mr. Truseau" as it had been typed, in prior to correction, back to "Mr. Trudeau". I'd fire the baka who does the proofreading around here if the baka in question weren't me! ^o^

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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Here's hoping everyone has a Happy 4th of July! ^_~

Mr. Obama, May I Introduce You to Mr. Obama? ^-^

Via Instapundit we get this little gem on how the things said by Mr. Obama's toadies contradict the things his own website say. :P

Never mind the flipflops. That's pretty standard for the Left. But I thought Mr. Obama and his supporters were supposed to be notably web savvy? o_O

If he can't manage his own campaign better than this then how will he run the country? ^_~

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