Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Very *Liberal* Regard for Art! u_u

Quoth a Congressional Democrat and subliterate cretin named Nick Levasseur: 'Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just wasn’t enough.'

Should we be surprised by this? It's already been established that liberals are the sort of people who get off on burning books. One could ask Mr. Levasseuer, "Dost thou think that because thou art a Leftist that there shall be no cakes and ale?" but the sad fact is that he and the people who supported him would probably respond by wanting to nuke England over the existence of William Shakesphere as well. That's just the sort of person anyone of the Left tends to be. :P

Mind you. from a leftist's point of view one can understand the way Mr. Levasseur feels. Anime and manga encourage people to think. How long do you think any leftist movement would last in a world where everyone chooses to think? Anime and manga encourage a concern with honor. How many Democrats of Mr. Levasseur's sort could ever be comfortable in a world with honor? Anime and manga go even beyond Science-Fiction in teaching not only that your opponent may not be evil but he need not even be misguided to be your foe even if it still remains necessary for you to defeat him. Do you think a bloodthirsty fanatic like Mr. Levasseur could ever be comfortable with the idea that one need not hate one's rival or foe in order to oppose them? Anime and manga encourage an interest in Asian culture and what is leftism of any variety but xenophobia given the dignity of an ideology? Anime and manga are fun and when did any leftist ever feel anything but resentment at
the idea of people being happy without their permission? Is it any wonder then that Mr. Levasseur as a typically bluenosed, leftist philistine - But of course the adjectives become redundant when the word leftist is used! - would be so fearful of the mere existence of a few cartoons that he would publicly wish that there had been an act of genocide to prevent them from having come into being? o_O

It cannot be denied that Eric Hoffer in his book "The Ordeal of Change", summed up the nature of Mr. Levasseur and his fellow liberals quite nicely when he wrote: "...there is a tendency in the untalented to divert their energies from their own development into the management, manipulation and probably frustration of others. They want to police, instruct, guide and meddle." - p. 89 of "The Ordeal of Change" by Eric Hoffer, (New York:Perrenial Liberary, 1967), and of course anytime that Mundanes of Mr. Levasseur's sort come across a realm of creativity where they cannot do these things it then becomes their desire to destroy it for ultimately the intellect of the Left as a whole is nothing more or less than that of dogs within a manger. Such is the nature of any who dislike either Anime or Manga in the manner of Nick Levasseur.

Let us be understanding of Mr. Levasseur to say this much...People like him are what all who supported Mr. Obama stood for whether they knew it or not. People like Mr. Levasseur are the only thing the Left ever really was. Cretins like Mr. Levasseur are the only thing anyone who still support Mr. Obama are ever going to be. Once you have said that you have summed up the entire intellectual and moral capacity of the Left! :P

Hence the reason the ideology of the Left will never be anything better than poison. ^_~

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

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