Monday, February 28, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats Clearly Are Not Trekkies! :P

If they were, then they surely would have known better than to be wearing red shirts while going into any conflict. Doing such a thing would clearly put the mark of Doom upon themselves and upon their entire cause. And yet, poor Mundanes that they are, that is precisely what they did. ^_^;

One can only presume that this is a sign that Mr. Obama, their very own version of Captain Kirk, obviously regards them as expendable. ^_~

Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Charles Hennessey Rebukes Rahm Emanuel. :P

One of my favorite scenes in Edwin O' Connor's novel "The Last Hurrah" came when a liberal "Hope and Change" stooge by the name of Kevin McCluskey, in the course of running for the office of Mayor of Boston, displays a TV commercial starring his family minus the family dog because it wasn't telegenic enough. (Not unlike the poor demented liberal who ran around screaming "We need more white people!" at an Obama photo op when you think about it. :P). And that was where the true fun begins in the novel for Charlie Hennessey, a rival candidate who was both intelligent and a technophile, did not miss the opportunity to give this sort of thing the sort of mockery that it deserved:

"It's a modern miracle, dear folks! If it wasn't for television there wouldn't be a one of us who would see him at all, for the simple reason his keepers don't let him out! Here's a big strong boy who wears size 11 shoes, a 44 suit, a 17 collar and a 7 1/2 hat, and they don't allow him out in the backyard even to play!...There's a lack of confidence there, dear folks! Sad! Disturbing! They don't want him to come out in the damp night air where he might be asked some questions! Dangerous! Very dangerous! _They like to keep him away from people._ They like to keep him in his own house where the only question is whether he wants a lamb chop or a pork chop for his dinner! Oh, I tell you, dear folks, if it weren't for the miracle of television we'd barely catch a glimpse of him at all! The keepers might put him in some sort of hen coop and trail him around the streets behind a horse, so's you could see what you were voting for but you couldn't catch up to him to ask what about putting rest rooms in public parks! Oh, evasive, dear folks!...It all goes to show you how times have changed, dear folks! Back in the old days when a man wanted to make a speech, he rented a tuxedo! Now he's got a tuxedo but he has to rent a dog!...Isn't that unbelieveable, dear folks? Isn't it amazing what I am telling you?...Would you call these the tactics of a sane man, fit to be the head official of this great city? Oh no, dear folks!", he roared. "I'll tell you what they are: THEY ARE THE TACTICS OF A NUTBOY!" [Edwin O'Conner, "The Last Hurrah", New York: Bantam Books, 1956, pp.262-263].

Now let's compare this passage from fiction, that was doubtless meant to be too far-fetched for reality, to a bit of information from real life...

Via Instapundit: "EVEN THE GENUINENESS IS FAKE: Politico: Rahm Emanuel’s ‘Glad to be home’ video filmed in Washington."

It looks as though Mr. Emanuel couldn't content himself with merely renting a dog but had to rent an entire city instead. Doubtless because he was ashamed of the one from which he came. Which does cause one to wonder just why it is our poor Mr. Emanuel would want to be the mayor of Chicago if he is so ashamed of both Chicago and Illinois. :P

Ah, but perhaps I am being unjust in attributing such motives to our pitiful Mr. Emanuel. And perhaps we would be unkind to infer hypocrisy from this. Washington D.C. is a drinking town, you know. Doubtless after their second or third drink of bourbon before breakfast neither Mr. Emanuel nor his staff can be trusted to know the difference between one city and another. But shouldn't we ask ourselves if this might not be a tad ominous if they were to continue such work habits when they attempt to run the largest city in Illinois? O_o

But wait! Perhaps I am unfair in adducing booze as the reason for Mr. Emanuel claiming to be in Chicago when he was really in Washington D.C. After all, Mr. Emanuel is very much one of Mr. Obama's little toadies. Who among us can forget that Mr. Obama was thick with a bunch of unbathed and smelly old hippies like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. So booze might indeed not be the reason for Mr. Emanuel's strange geographic lapse. Perhaps Mr. Emanuel and his staff were too busy tasting the color green to have any notion of just where they actually were? Then again, that wouldn't say anything good about their work habits either! ^_^;

But then again, I suppose it's entirely possible that the friends and supporters of Mr. Emanuel would resent my inference that Mr. Emanuel and his fellow Dummycrats had to have been completely stoned out of their minds to not know the difference between Chicago and Washington D.C. as a totally unneeded and totally uncalled for slur upon his moral character. Doubtless as his friends they would argue, and quite rightly so, that Rahm Emanuel is sincerely and completely that hopelessly dumb! ^o^

Let us note too, that there would be much to support such a view of the matter. After all, who can forget that the man Mr. Emanuel was employed by quite famously didn't know that America has 50 states? Given the sort of Presidents he has worked for perhaps we should be grateful that Mr. Emanuel knew enough to realize that Chicago is a city rather than a state and not be too hard on him for not being able to discern just where this city he wants to be mayor actually might be. ^^

There's only one problem with such a view; If he was truly that dumb and ignorant without the excuse of being drunk or stoned out of his mind then doesn't that make things even worse? o_O A man who gets drunk on a Saturday can sober up and be quite functional on a Monday, but a man who's allowed himself to grow up to become a hopelessly ignorant adult will probably still be hopelessly ignorant should any city make the mistake of voting him into public office. If he truly can't tell the difference between Chicago and Washington, D.C. then who knows what sort of further errors this might lead to? Perhaps he'll embarrass all of us by trying to tax the residents of Milwaukee for the sake of planting trees in the middle of Lake Tahoe? Or, worse then that, might he take it into his fluffy little head to tax Chicago for the sake of putting additional coffee shops into Seattle? Given the way the Obama "stimulus" worked would you really consider the latter to be beyond the bounds of possibility? O_o

And don't look to Mr. Emanuel's staffers to correct him when he does such things! Remember, they allowed him to make this commercial in the first place. :P

Truthfully, all of this reminds me of a D&D buddy of mine who had a fondness for martial arts movies and quoting from them. In thinking of Mr. Emanuel and his supporters one particular quotation that my friend was especially fond of comes to mind: "You see before you the scum, the refuse of the dock! Tired old men who don't know where they are and don't particularly care!"

Truthfully? If poor old Mr. Emanuel is too tired to know the difference between Chicago and Washington, D.C. and doesn't particularly care then perhaps the kindest thing we of Illinois can do is not bother to make him the Mayor of Chicago, or anything like that, but rather let him and his staffers stay in Washington D.C. for the rest of their lives in the hopes that their poor tired brains may heal. ^_~

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Importance of Due Diligence. >_>

Ever wonder just how much trouble a lack of due diligence could cause? ^_~

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