Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama's First Screwup! :P

And the poor fool hasn't even taken the Oath of office yet. @_@

Isn't it nice to know that we can rely upon our good Jimmy Carter Jr. not to keep track of what he says from moment to moment nor even to realize that what he says or doesn't say might occasionally have a consequence? o_O

Typical Chicago Democrat when you think about it! :P

Reminds me of the end of an old Robert Redford movie called 'The Candidate' where the empty suit who runs for office and gets elected turns to his manager and in essence says, "I got elected. What do we do now?" What else can we expect? Mr. Obama spent all his time as a "community organizer" running for State Senate, all his time as a State Senator running for the United States Senate, all his time as a Senator running for President. Did anyone really think he would suddenly manifest the skills to govern when seeking the job rather than doing the job was the way he spent his entire life? ^O^

Mood Music: 'It's a Little Too Late to do the Right Thing Now!' by Tanya Tucker. :P



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