Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Words to Contemplate as Autumn Comes Gently...

Quoth Wretchard at the Belmont Club: "The vast majority of true believers are not, as some would suppose, the soccer moms attending their Sunday church and leading their ordinary lives the rest of the week. The real compulsive joiners are those must attend the church of the co-op, pray at the shrine of the Global Warming, join political Action Wires and feel the “need to connect” without which their lives have no meaning. In the service of the new secular faiths all the old forms have been given new names. The medieval procession, sans the candles but with the molotov cocktail, has become the modern protest rally. Indulgences are back as carbon credits. Instead of a bishop on a distant cathedral altar, there is an orator before Greek columns at Invesco Field."

And it's true, all true! G.K. Chesterton once wrote in his Father Brown stories that atheists make the worst religious fanatics of all. It's strange to realize that as more than 100 years of Progress has gone by the Left has remained more frozen in time than the Amish. @_@

But then again, perhaps not so strange when we remember that many of the Left are such raging technophobes as to still bemoan the invention of agriculture...

Isn't it interesting that those who call themselves "Progressive" have such a xenophobic fear of Technology? Isn't it interesting that those who call themselves "Progressive" are themselves so afraid of Progress? Makes one thankful that we are those who embrace the Future instead of mere "Progressives", doesn't it? ^_~

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