Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Riddle for the Democrats! ^o^

Quoth Greyhawk from the Mudville Gazette: "For those who claim they were deceived into supporting the war because "Bush lied": Are you frequently so deceived? Do you consider yourself a generally gullible person? Are you certain? How can you be sure someone's not misleading you now? In short, why should I trust your current position, if you demonstrably lack good judgment?"

Mind you, it is also worth remembering that anyone who held that the Democrats were gulled by Bush into a position they themselves didn't believe must also answer yet another simple riddle first posed by Bryon Preston - How was it that you Democrats yourselves were saying this back in 1998 as clearly demonstrated on Google in the links to many sources from searches such as here and here and here? o_O

Are those who claim that President Bush "lied" really trying to get the rest of us to believe that Mr. Bush traveled into the year 1998 in order to mind control weak-willed Libs and Europeans into saying things they themselves didn't believe? O_o

Just asking! But I wonder how many liberals or leftists would be brave enough to answer such a riddle? ^_~

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Blogger Towering Barbarian said...

Now let us all admire the way the crickets chirp for it is now quite clear that no one who is "anti war" is brave enough to answer the riddles that were posed here once more. ^_^

Why then, did anyone ever claim that Mr. Bush had "lied" about the war when clearly he had not? o_O

I think Glenn Reynolds provides us with the best answer here:

"Well, it's better than admitting that if you'd had your way, Saddam Hussein would still be shoveling children into mass graves, I suppose. And that's what this is really all about. Having lost the argument about the war, and having had Saddam's brutality proven beyond any reasonable doubt, the anti-war folks have to do something to regain the moral high ground -- because, to them, the moral high ground is theirs by right, *regardless of the nature or consequences of their actions*." (Emphasis mine).


In other words, those who are "anti war" are basically the sort of people who can be self-righteous about being wrong in a way that costs people their lives. >_<

Given that this is the nature of the "anti war" Movement can we really afford to empower their lot? Mr. Barrack Obama is their candidate. The Democrats are their party. A vote for Mr. Obama or indeed for any Democrat is a vote to empower their sort. ^_^;

Given that this is the case, we are clearly better off if we vote for Mr. John McCain and the GOP instead! ^_~

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