Friday, October 17, 2008

Game Systems, Eh? @_@

Shamus over at Twenty Sided asks the following questions:

"What gaming system did you start with when you were learning the game?
What’s your preferred gaming system when you’re running a game?
What system do you prefer as a player? (For some people this is different from #2.)
And because we live in an imperfect world: What system do you actually end up using?"

My answers for those who care would be as follow:

1.D&D boxed set. In the days before it became AD&D. (I think I may have just dated myself on this one. ^_^;).

2. I've a soft preference for GURPS, particularly when I'm running fantasy in worlds of my own devising. "Champions", "Justice Inc.", and "Danger International" as published by Hero Games would all come a close second. In general I prefer to DM games where you design your own characters to those where the characters are done by random generation.

3. As a player I can operate quite happily with just about any consistent and reasonably coherent rule system. I've reached the point where I feel a DM who knows what he's doing is actually more important than the particular system in play.

4. The game group I'm with is a "Meat and Potatoes" bunch so it's basically AD&D, AD&D and AD&D with occasional bouts of AD&D for variety. That's OK. By the sacrifice of a few sanity points I did get them to go along with GURPS when I'm DMing so I consider it fair. ^_~

For a bonus I will also answer a question that I don't recall Shamus asking but wish that he had: Which game world settings interest you the most?

These would be, in not particular order:
1. Glorantha. (RuneQuest, HeroQuest)
2. Tekumal(Empire of the Petal Throne)
3. Krynn.(AD&D)
4. The Champions Universe. (Champions)
5. Palladia (Palladium)

Ask me again at any other time and you might get a different set of published universes. I actually prefer homebrewed universes both for DMing and playing in, but do admire the literary quality that went into these published universes. ^-^

And of course, I will happily cannibalize any published universe for the building materials of my own! ^_~



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