Monday, October 12, 2009

A Quick Look at British Health Care. >_>

As the Gentle Reader may already know, Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats are pushing a national health care plan. With that in mind it may be worthwhile to see how well such a plan has worked in Great Britain:

1. Item: Hundreds of people report poor health care by the British NHS after initial report of substandard care is published. Reasonable extrapolations make it probable that this extends to at least a million patients.

2. Item: Newbies thrown into technical nursing positions after only a week of training. In the same report both a whistleblower and a former Labor minister indicate that the trained nurses regard certain basic tasks intrinsic to the role of nursing as too menial for their dignity.

3. Item: British hospital refuses to provide blankets for patient. Who can doubt that such concern for the patient is the essence of what public health care would be like? u_u

4. Item: British health care system leaves 85 year old woman without food or water while waiting for surgery. Tells her to wet her bed instead of providing her with needed assistance.

5. Item: Former nurse left in soiled bed clothes and own vomit and berated for waking staff at night to ask for a drink. Found by husband covered in dried feces because British staff couldn't be bothered to change her.

6. Item: 82 year old cancer victim has treatment switched to palliative without discussion with her relatives. Never receives visit from tissue viability nurse because said nurse was on annual leave.

7. Item: Man has to have appendix removed twice because the British Health Care system flubbed it the first time. During the second time he is left infected. Doubtless our leftist friends would argue that practice made perfect.

8. Item: Some of the English resort to pulling their own teeth because they have a hard time finding a dentist *or affording one*. Tsk. Weren't we told that government health care would prevent that sort of thing? :P

Is anybody surprised that Glenn Reynolds has a few snarky things to say about this? o_O

I wonder what it says about Democrats such as Mr. Obama that they would try to impose this sort of health care system upon America? @_@;


Omake: 10-22-2009

Ooooo, I'm so tempted to make this a seperate post but it actually belongs here; From both Instapundit and Small Dead Animals we learn the following item of interest - That the NHS of Great Britain is spending public money to give its employees private health care.

*snicker* ^~^

Kinda says everything you need to know about what any "universal" health care service is going to be like when even the universal health care employees vote with their feet against it, don't it? ^_~

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