Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Dumbest Statement in 2007! ^O^

This really is something I should remember to conclude before the month of January, 2008 passes entirely - It was a field with many contenders but we do have a winner! ^.^

Via RWBD-J.F. Beck we get this remarkable statement from an Australian environmentalist: "The other thing is that space is not an infinite resource."



Excuse me, Space is not infinite? o_O

And here I thought American Ecofreaks were a gang of ignorant Luddites! Compared to their Australian counterparts they at least have graduated 2nd grade and are therefore 2 grades more advanced. ^O^

The amusing thing? These are the people who don't want "Global Warming" to be questioned on the grounds of their "scientific" consensus and superior technical competence. Sorta shows what the "scientific" consensus of such people is worth, don't it? ^_~



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