Friday, December 07, 2007

Pilgrimages Undermine Islamic Theocracy! ^_^

Well this account from Strategy Page counts as amusing! n_n

"November 24, 2007: The thousands of Iranians crossing the Iraqi border each day to visit Shia religious shrines, are becoming a political problem. These pilgrims return with stories of how prosperous the Iraqis are in a democracy. In Iran, the Sunni Arab terrorism is played up, but the pilgrims rarely see any evidence of that. They do see freedom and prosperity, especially in contrast to what they have back home. Iran cannot stop these visits, which were allowed even under Saddam Hussein (who encouraged them during the 1990s, as a source of revenue for his embargoed rule)." (Emphasis mine!).

Looks like what America and her allies have accomplished in Iraq may have a domino effect in the rest of the Middle East as well. How do you keep them down on the theocracy after they've seen Bagdhad? ^_~



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