Monday, November 26, 2007

Libs in Glass Houses! O_O

Wretchard over at Belmont Club has a pair of very interesting posts on the subject of Mrs Clinton v. Mr. Obama and Mr. Obama v. Mrs Clinton.

The one concerning Mrs. Clinton v. Mr. Obama where she whinged about Mr. Obama not being experienced enough was amusing enough. My own immediate thought on the matter: "Is a girl whose entire political career was founded on who she slept with really in any position to taunt someone else on a lack of experience? o_O" still seems a legitimate one to me. :P

But then I read Wretchard's post on Mr. Obama v. Mrs. Clinton and I realized that, to be honest, anyone from Illinois really would have to award Mr. Obama equal honors for hypocrisy and raw stupidity when he "indirectly accused the Clintons of plotting to establish a political dynasty."

Now I invite my fellow Illini to ponder this: Does this mean that Mr. Obama would like to take a moment to say that it would be better for Chicago if Richard M. Daley were not the Mayor the way his father Richard J. Daley had been? o_O

Does this also mean that our good Mr. Obama would like to take a moment to claim that Gov. Blago, son-in-law to prominent wardheeler Alderman Richard Mell, and Michael Madigan father to States Attorney Lisa Madigan should not be Governor of Illinois and Speaker of the Illinois House Of Representatives respectively, and that their current display of incompetance in failing to pass so much as a state budget is merely a function of the fact that Mr. Blagojevich and Mr. Madigan are therefore unable to function as competent officeholders? O_o

How about Cook County, a place that even someone so busy with his presidential candidacy as Mr. Obama may have heard of? Will his denunciation of political dynasties include a moment to publicly state that Mr. Obama regards Todd Stroger as a selfish and incompetant boob and a fitting punishment upon Cook County for being stupid enough to vote for him when they knew what his father John Stroger was like? And in saying this will Mr. Obama apologize to the people of Cook County for having endorsed Todd Stroger during that election in the first place? Inquiring Minds would like to know. :P

Sorry dudes, but Illinois is the one state in the Union where no Democrat has any right to complain about nepotism or "political dynasties" to use the preferred leftist cant for it. Mrs. Clinton is clearly throwing stones from within a glass house when she talks about "experience" but the rock Mr. Obama throws from within a glass house is possibly even bigger. Does Mr. Obama really know so little about the state that elected him Senator? ^o^

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton might like to invite Mr. Obama to explain why Mr. Obama should be concerned about dynasties when he himself comes from a state so riddled from them? It shouldn't be too hard for her to get CNN to plant that question in an audience for her, now should it? ^_~

For that matter, perhaps Mrs. Clinton might have enjoy having fun by inviting Mr. Obama to turn his eyes towards the Senate and explain why it is he thinks Mr. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and a former Senator by the name of Albert Gore are clearly disqualified for office by whom their relatives were? ^_^

(In Dr. Phil McGraw-like voice)

Just remember boys and girls, whenever a liberal wants to flame other liberals then, as a Republican, I am here to help! ^-^

I'm sure that Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama and all their little friends will be grateful for our continued assistance in this matter, aren't you? n_n



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