Sunday, May 27, 2007

Why Does the AP Neglect Afghanistan? o_O

Over in Captain's Quarters, Captain Ed joins Jules Crittenden in asking a simple question that is both interesting and pertinent: Why do the AP reporters not think our soldiers who died in Afghanistan worth naming? Since Garry Traudeau is playing a similar game in his comic strip it's worth asking why he doesn't think such soldiers worth naming either. Someone should explain to such people that Memorial Day is a day to remember *all* the troops rather than merely the ones they think they can use to score political points with. >_<

Oh well, as Sweetness and Light once pointed out, there were once Copperheads who opposed America's fight to survive in the days of the Civil War that started our Memorial Day traditions to begin with and sought to undermine the nation for their own selfish purposes even then. We should probably not be surprised that such Copperheads would be with us today as well. ~_~

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