Thursday, March 29, 2007

All Their Sins Remembered... >_>

Oh my! O_O

And people thought *I* had a harsh view of the Dummycrats? o_O

I'm not as gloomy about the matter as Pierre Lagrand but I do agree that ever since Vietnam the Democrats have pretty much allowed themselves to become the "Surrender Monkey" party. It's not without reason that their decline and fall from political dominance can be easily traced from Jimmy Carter to the present day although I would argue that there is more than one reason for that fall. My own suspicion is that 2006 represented America giving the Democrats a last chance to redeem themselves rather than any endorsement of what they stand for.

That said, his post is a good reminder of just why it is I suspect that the Democrats will be Gollum-like in blowing their last chance at redemption if they don't wise up! >_<

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