Thursday, March 29, 2007

Environmentalists In the Mist! ^_^

[Formerly "Surrender Monkeys On Display! :P]

Yeah, I reckon this, not worksafe though it may be, really *is* about the tech level most environmentalists truly operate at when you think about it. ^o^

Any bets as to how long it will take the more rabid environmentalists to discover language, the wheel and agriculture at this rate? ^_~


Edit - April 5, 2007: Feh! Nothing like inadvertantly playing an early April Fool's joke on yourself is there? :P

As the discerning reader will have already noted, it was anti development environmentalists rather than "anti war" protesters whom Zombie captured on photo. And I clearly still had Surrender Monkeys on the brain at the time I posted this. >_<

I won't mourn too hard. Berkeley being Berkeley there's enough of an overlap between the local "anti war" crowd and the local environmentalist crowd that I doubt anyone was grieviously wronged by my mistake but, since the environmentalists in this case were the people whom I wished to discuss in the first place, this post will make better sense in having been corrected for accuracy.

BTW, those who would like to see Zombie's look at Surrender Monkeys who've put themselves on display might want to take a moment to click here. ^_~



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