Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's Universal Global Warming! ^_^

A lot of people are worried about Anthropogenic (i.e. manmade) Global Warming in the same way there was once much concern over Y2K or Acid Rain. Why don't we be nice and help these people out with evidence to support their cause? ^_~

Let us start by noting that there is now known to be Global Warming on Mars! ^_^

Isn't it just terrible how we nasty humans have been pumping CO2 into the Martian atmosphere? T_T

*blink, blink*

Hey, waitaminute! O_O

There is no human life on Mars. :P

...Currently! ^_~

That's OK. Let's still take a moment to help out all our environmentalist buddies by gathering some more evidence to show that global warming is indeed taking place. *Just because we are such *nice* people!* ^-^

Via Tim Blair we learn that this isn't just happening on Mars either but on Pluto as well. It would appear that there is "climate change" on Jupiter too. Such "climate change" is also occurring on Venus as well begging the question of whether terraforming Venus might not be trickier than I had initially thought. :P

And Saturn is getting warmer as well! ^_^

But none of them have any human life! T_T

That means that any global warming that takes place on them could not have been caused by human intervention. O_O

So, to help our "environmentalist" friends out let's review! ^_^

1. Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn *are* all undergoing Global Warming.

2. None of them have any human life.

3. The fact that these planets are also undergoing a warming period counts as evidence that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is nothing but a hoax to the extent that it is anything more than a manifestion of group hysteria.

Whoops! Did I write that last part out loud? O_O;

Oh well, I'm sure our environmentalist friends are all duly grateful for the help I've just given them anyway. ^o^ As far as I'm concerned they are entirely welcome to accept such help in the same spirit in which it was given to them. So pass the word onto your friends! ^_^

I'm sure they'll be amused to find out just how universal "Global Warming" really is. ^_~

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